Student Showcase

BEPH Hand Hygiene Posters

Students in the Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) course have created hand hygiene posters targeted at a variety of settings and populations based on their research into the issues that affect hand hygiene in those specific instances. View the top 5 posters (as voted by the IPAC group) and vote for your favourite.

Symposium 2021 poster winner was Poster #2 - Hand Washing Olympics Congratulations!

BEPH Handwashing Posters

Solving Problems in Healthcare Posters

During the Solving Problems in Health Informatics course, students were provided with an opportunity to enhance their problem-solving skills in health informatics through the application of systems and process improvement methodologies. Health Informatics posters (videos) demonstrate student's understanding of theoretical concepts and how to apply them to practical healthcare situations.

Right Patient, Wrong Label: Quality Improvement Needed

Presented By: Tese O.

For more detail on the root cause analysis & solution, view the associated PowerPoint Here.

Protecting Our Vulnerable from Medication Errors

Presented By: Tifini K. & Ricky R.

For more detail on the root cause analysis & solution, view the associated PowerPoint Here.


Too Long to Wait: Elective Surgeries for Pediatric Patients

Presented By: Brandi, Rachelle & Kishany

For more detail on the root cause analysis & solution, view the associated PowerPoint Here.

BEPH 4Th Year Research Course - Poster Presentation

Check out the research poster presentations from this year's graduating BEPH class. Students have employed a variety of research methods to explore emerging and pertinent issues in Environmental Public Health. Explore the topics of interest to you - there is something here for everyone.


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Textile Waste

Presented By: Olivia VO.

Comparing Public Pooling Regulations & Inspection Practices Across Canada

Presented By: Beverly A.

Fire Fighters and IPAC

Presented By: Amanda F.

Dietary Habits of Conestoga College Students During COVID-19

Presented By: Danilo Z.

Reusable Water Bottle Cleaning Methods

Presented By: Andrea H.

Consumer Preferences for Food Disclosure Systems in Ontario

Presented By: Callie D. & Natalie K.

Food Safety Among Health & Life Science Students

Presented By: Kirsten A.

Food Safety Education Emphasis in High School Curriculum

Presented By: Victoria M.

Online Food Delivery Provider: Gaps & Trends

Presented By: Erin R.

Naegleria Fowleri & Lake Ontario Water Temperatures: Risk Analysis

Presented By: Akhilesh B. & Lucas W.

How COVID-19 Has Affected Air Quality in 3 Ontario Cities

Presented By: Alex D.

Intensified Cleaning in Response to COVID-19: Evaluation of Compliance

Presented By: John M.

Has COVID-19 Solved the Influenza Problem

Presented By: Nivash P-M. & Zachary G.

COVID-19 in Recreational Water

Presented By: Matt R.

COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptability in Ontario Adults

Presented By: Huda A.

Food Inspections During COVID-19

Presented By: Aaron H. & Connor D.

Impact of COVID-19 Restrictions on Physical Activity Among Students at Conestoga College

Presented By: Ali S.

Risk Communication During COVID-19: Ontario vs. British Columbia

Presented By: Muhammad M.

Social Media in Ontario Public Health Units: Effectiveness & Engagement

Presented By: Jennifer S.

Physical Activity & Children During COVID-19

Presented By: Sarah A.

Awareness of Risks Associated with Vaping

Presented By: Andra M.

Barriers to Public Health Enforcement

Presented By: Biola O. & Marion E.

Seafood Fraud in Canada

Presented By: Dragana J. & Michael S.

Edible Risk Perception

Presented By: AJT

The Healthy Menu Choices Act

Presented By: Brenden M

Anal Cleanings: Comparison of Toilet Practices Around the World

Presented By: Sahibpal S.