Every year, Conestoga recognizes our students and community partners for their dedication through a variety of program-specific and sponsored awards.

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Abell Research Project Award

Abell Top Research Project Award

Abell Awarded to the top research project. Based on the proposal, research report, and poster presentation.

2021 Award Winner:

1st Place: Jennifer​ Skuce
2nd Place: Andrea​ Hoeper
3rd Place: Olivia​ Van Osch

Abell Excellence: Best ePortfolio

Abell Awards of Excellence - Best Project Year 1 or Year 2 - ePortfolio

Most comprehensive ePortfolio project highlighting: personal goals (academic and career); understanding of EPH roles, responsibilities, and key skills; reflection on “why they want to become an EPHP”; creativity to the presentation of material.

2021 Award Winner: Hilary​ Croft

Abell Excellence: Hand Hygiene Poster

Abell Awards of Excellence - Year 3 or 4 - Hand Hygiene Poster

Top Hand Hygiene poster as selected by students and symposium attendees.

2021 Award Winner: Breanna Badea​

Abell Excellence: Emerging Issues Ignite Talk

Abell Awards of Excellence – Year 1 - Emerging Issues Ignite Talk

Top ignite talk as delivered during Emerging Issues – Global and Local Concerns = 2nd semester hub course.

2021 Award Winner: Alexandra​ Vanriel

Abell Excellence: Putting the 'E' in BEPH

Abell Awards of Excellence -2nd Year - Putting the E in BEPH

Students from the second year of study whose project(s), volunteer work, and program engagement have advanced the understanding of Environmental issues and actions related to the field of public health practice.

2021 Award Winner: Diana​ Jarnevic​

Ashley Zell Perseverance Award

The award recognizes a student in the BEPH program who has overcome personal challenges or difficulties to persevere in their studies at Conestoga. Ashley Zell was an inspiration but it wasn’t her fight with and ultimate victory over cancer that made her so special. Although it emphasized how strong she was, it was her indomitable spirit that set her apart and it is this spirit that we seek to recognize in others. The BEPH program is meant to challenge the students and adversity is almost inevitable. It is easy to stumble from time to time and success can be elusive but there are those who just never seem to give up. This award is intended to recognize those individuals who can keep their head when all those around them are losing theirs; someone who seems to always have a positive attitude; who is organized and committed to quality; and who meets deadlines and rarely has excuses.

2021 Award Winner: Aaron​ Homuth

BEPH Community Partner Award

Recognizing our community partners and the contributions they make to student learning.

2021 Award Winner: NSF​ International​

Evolving Communicator

This award recognizes a BEPH student who has displayed the ability, talent, and skill to create and lead innovative and exemplary communications initiatives and projects that increase the general public's and/or Conestoga students’ understanding of environmental public health issues.

2021 Award Winner: Alexandra Vanriel

Emerging Professional

This award recognizes a student in BEPH who demonstrated professional excellence in the field of Environmental Public Health through their co-op position, involvement in the BEPH student council, Environmental Public Health Club, Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors, or through other contributions. Throughout their final year, they have shown their potential for positive contributions to the profession, demonstrated leadership in the classroom, and exuded passion and enthusiasm for the profession of environmental public health.

2021 Award Winner: Olivia​ Van Osch​

Student Engagement

BEPH student whose involvement has significantly enhanced the student experience. This individual goes above and beyond to support student learning and development; this may include mentoring and supporting other students, participation in the Conestoga Environmental Public Health Awareness Club or championing their peers’ ideas and/or feedback.

2021 Award Winner: Brandon​ Gries

Student Leadership

BEPH student who exemplifies outstanding leadership characteristics, not only demonstrating a commitment to their academic pursuits, but also a strong commitment to the BEPH Program, their peers and Conestoga College as a whole.

2021 Award Winner: Breanna​ Badea

CHIMA Pinnacle Award

Awarded to a fourth year student who holds a CHIMA membership and shows great promise in the field of Health Information Management.

2021 Award Winner: Jonathan Bougram

BAHIS Community Partner Award

Recognizing our community partners and the contributions they make to student learning.

2021 Award Winner: Inner City Health Alliance

Dashboard Award

Awarded to the team that creates the best dashboard project for the Decision Support Systems course. The criteria for the award is based on ingenuity, technical competencies, and visual appeal.

2021 Award Winners: Marianne Downs, Navjot Dhami, Ricky Richards, Tese Ogbe, and Tifini Kardol

Leadership Award

This award recognizes a current BAHIS student that has displayed a significant level of, either formal or informal, leadership within the program. This recipient has greatly contributed to the success of the BAHIS program as well as considerably impacted the experiences of their peers within their community.

What is the Criteria for the Leadership Award?

  • Motivates and helps organize BAHIS students to take action in achieving goals

  • Is a direct reflection of the values of BAHIS students, they are authentic in all transactions

  • Driven to inspire colleagues to reach their full potential

  • Passionate about the BAHIS program

  • Contributes significantly in a positive way to your experience here in the program

  • Takes the time to help you understand concepts taught in class

  • Easily approachable to talk about any concerns / thoughts

2021 Award Winner: Gabrielle​ Edwards

Solving Problems in Healthcare Award

This award recognizes current BAHIS students with the best poster presentation from the Solving Problems in Health Informatics class.

Your team poster was chosen, based on the following criteria:

  • Attracting viewer’s attention

  • Situates a health care problem within the governance and structures of healthcare systems in Canada

  • The poster is well organized, easy to follow and understand

  • The approach taken is technically sound

  • The poster is original and extends the learning from the course

2021 Award Winner:

1st Place:
Tese Ogbe​
Tifini Kardol​ & Ricky Richards​

2nd Place:
Brandi H.
Rachelle S.
Kishany Subramaniam

Teamwork Award

Exemplifies great cooperation and teamwork efforts in a course project.